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Our two core fundraising events continue to collectively raise meaningful dollars for the foundation each year, an achievement that fills us with great pride.

Our organization stands as a steadfast ally to the community, deeply committed to enhancing the educational landscape for our students by fostering a more enriched technological environment.

Through your generous contributions over the years, we were able to make meaningful strides:


  • Facilitating scholarships for participation in the technology focused education events

  • Launching new FSE-supported clubs

  • Empowering educators through teacher grants

  • Enabling access to vital educational software subscriptions

  • Achieving Chromebook fulfillment, leveling the student-to-Chromebook ratio to 1:1

Your unwavering support empowers us to fulfill our mission, and for that, we express our heartfelt gratitude. Together, we continue to drive positive change for our community and its educational endeavors.

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