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Teacher Grants for 2022

Grant Requests: xx

Total: $xx,xxx


FSE has fulfilled the following teachers requests:


  • Mr Devine: Minecraft Education edition

  • Ms. Peterson: Generation Genius license 

  • Ms Ehlers: IXL for Science license

  • Ms Wiesel: Engineered! STEAM competition

  • Ms. King:

  • Ms Cellary: MATH worksheets 4 kids

  • Ms Schlosserk: Windows laptops

  • Administration:

    • Adobe Creative Cloud license​

    • Literably licenses

  • Mr Clark: NJ Association of School Librarians Fall conference 

  • Software available for the entire school​

    • GoNoodle

    • Learning City

    • Flocabulary

    • Tumbleweed Press

    • Kahoot!

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